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Product Made in USA and Canada, not overseas ! ! !

These sleeves are made of durable, government grade materials not paper. Plain paper will NOT last anywhere near as long as durable TYVEK and are generally for single use only. They get dirty almost immediately upon handling, are not washable like TYVEK is and cost more. You can always tell a paper sleeve as you cannot see the alloy inside when you look inside of the envelope. Paper RFID sleeves are not meant for continuous use. Here is proof that Tyvek is superior to paper: The Dupont Tyvek Users Guide More info on this below.


RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, is the technology that lets you simply wave your credit card, passport or license in front of a nearby scanner instead of having to slide the magnetic stripe through it.

PayPass is Mastercard's RFID Smart Card ---- The Circled Icon on your Visa Card Shows the Card is RFID
---- and ExpressPay is the American Express RFID card

This is a fairly simple concept. The electronic scanner sends a signal which is received by an antenna embedded into the card, which is connected to the RFID chip in the card, thus activating it.

NOTE: VERY SOON ALL CREDIT CARDS AND DEBIT CARDS WILL HAVE RFID CHIPS EMBEDDED IN THEM About 100 million credit cards now have RFID technology embedded into them. However, over the next two to three years, credit card issuers plan to replace every single magnetic stripe credit and debit card with a new contactless smartcard. These cards can be read without even taking them out of your wallet. The RFID shielding technology in our original Tyvek smart card sleeves blocks this transmission from happening as long as the card is inside the sleeve.

BREAKING NEWS - JUNE 2011 - VISA KNEW of 'electronic pickpocketing' risk, documents reveal. Attorney Generals of NEVADA and COLORADO now investigating Visa for endangering the public.

It seems so simple, however it has been discovered that in spite of claims by Smart Card marketers that the information on these cards is safe and secure, mounting evidence shows otherwise. Lately there have been numerous media stories on television like this very recent CTV news special "Steele on your Side": New credit cards vulnerable to electronic pickpockets and here is part two: Protect your bank card from electronic pickpockets

and in newspapers like this CBC Canada article--"Hacker shows CBC how to crack 'contactless' MasterCard", where industry experts are publicly contesting these claims. Worse yet the new RFID cards are easily hacked and so your data and identity is in danger just by walking down the street.

But, of course you trust your banking institutions to safeguard your information, right? Isn't it only natural to trust these squeeky clean banksters after what they are doing to the economies of dozens of countries around the world? Absolutely NOT but anyway....... here is some interesting information off of Visa Canada's web site:

"Shopping with your Visa PayWave Card

You can use the Visa payWave feature for transactions of $50 or less, including taxes. So it's ideal for fast food restaurants, gas stations, movie theatres, convenience stores, news stands and video rental stores.

And don't worry if your purchase totals more than $50 then you'll just be asked to swipe or insert your card instead.

So, If this technology is so safe why the $50.00 limit on transactions that utilize the "contactless" feature?

UPDATE from Surrey BC RCMP-High-tech fraud increasing at alarming rate in Surrey

And, if your bank is telling you that your information, which is embedded on these chips, is safe and secure then what is this all about? SENATE BANKING COMMITTEE MEMBER DENOUNCES "NO-SWIPE" CREDIT CARDS

"A member of the Senate Banking Committee denounced RFID "no-swipe" credit cards at a press conference Sunday. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) said contracts for the cards should have warning boxes disclosing "the known weaknesses of the technology." He cautioned cardholders about their vulnerability to identity thieves, commenting you "may as well put your credit card information on a big sign on your back."

Additionally isn't this interesting? CONSUMER WATCHDOGS DEMAND RECALL OF SPYCHIPPED CREDIT CARDS...and for general RFID privacy issues and news go to this site called RFID-NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR SPYCHIPS.COM

Then, of course, you have the chipmakers harassing high profile people and organizations that try to reveal the truth to the public.... Tech Firm: Our Secrets Are More Important Than Yours

How to Build a Low-Cost, Extended-Range RFID Skimmer, for those who find all this difficult to fathom. Another website on hacking RFID credit cards



The sleeves shown on some of the videos on this site are the EXACT same sleeves you see here. They are the same as the sleeves we supply to ICBC (see photo) and various police and crime prevention agencies in various states and provinces.

We applaud the efforts our close friends in this industry we collaborate with in bringing the dangers of the RFID technology to the general public.

All new enhanced British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Vermont, Washington and many more state and provincial drivers licenses have these chips in them. When they arrive to you in the mail they are enclosed in an RFID signal blocking sleeve. As mentioned above your bank probably doesn't do this so you may purchase them here. Your government doesn't mind warning you of the dangers of RFID but your bank, sadly, won't bother.

Please read this: Drivers licenses with chips spark heated debate "Despite the controversy, federal and provincial governments in Canada are committed to adopting the same model to harmonize Canadian EDLs, which the U.S. will accept in lieu of passports." Speaking of Passports: See the next section

US and Canada have a program for trusted motorists to allow them faster entry at the border. It's called NEXUS. Under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, the NEXUS card has been approved as an alternative to the passport for air travel into the United States for US and Canadian citizens. With a NEXUS card one needs only enter the expedited lane at the border and be prepared to present their membership card if asked.

Better read this also: How RFID Tags Could Be Used to Track Unsuspecting People

Well, guess what? Don't show up at the border without having your card in the protective sleeve that it comes with unless you want to risk being scolded. The picture below shows the actual mailer sent to new members along with their NEXUS BORDER CLEARANCE PASS CARD. Please read it and ask yourself when was the last time your credit card company or bank informed you that the RFID chip in your credit card is the exact same type?


Canada has just introduced the same biometric passports that the USA is gradually introducing. Meanwhile people of certain nationalities had best be using RFID passport scan blocking sleeves.This frightening video demonstration is evidence enough that not only is your data out there possibly unprotected from criminals, but conceivably your very life may be in danger with these new biometric chips so take action to protect yourself and your personal information.

Thinking about picking up a new passport? You'll notice a new icon at the bottom of the country seal on the front. That icon signifies the passport is "digitally enhanced" with RFID, enabling the passport to store all your information digitally and transmit it to a capable passport reader. Every new passport issued since August 2007 has a special chip inside that stores data about the traveler, including a photograph and the personally identifiable information found on the ID page of the passport. These chips can transmit the data wirelessly and without touching a reading device. However, since nothing is required to be touched to start transmission, skilled hackers could potentially "skim" the data from the passport without the bearer even knowing.


This product contains Tyvek paper material which is fused with a special alloy with a conductive layer laminated to it. The conductive layer creates a barrier which impedes communication between the reader and the card to reduce the chance that sensitive information contained on the card’s RFID chip is transmitted to a portable scanner, such as used by criminals wanting to steal someone's identity, when not in use. This product provides effective shielding at 13.56 MHz and 860-980Mhz by limiting the flow of RF energy between a reader and the “smart” card or other RFID device. It is light weight and durable and complies with ISO14443 standards.

RFID Security Sleeve Features

Blocks RFID frequency from reading your cards or passport.

Helps prevent identity theft by keeping your information safe from thieves.

Outer layer made of tear and rip-proof, puncture resistant, water-proof Dupont™ Tyvek®.

Protects your card/passport from wear, abrasions, scratches, moisture, and liquids.

Inner layer made of a special metal alloy that blocks RFID waves and frequencies.

Super thin open ended with a thumb cut out for easy access to your card or passport

Prevents high tech "electronic pick-pockets" from obtaining your personal information with special RFID scanners.

These patented RFID Blocking Credit Card and Passport Sleeves are designed to shield all contactless credit cards, passports, drivers licenses, ISO 14443A/B and EPC Gen1/Gen2 contactless smart cards; any contactless card that operates at 13.56 Mhz and above. It does not shield non-smart cards (older 125khz proximity cards). On cards that include a secondary 125 khz antenna added for backward compatibility only the new 13.56 Mhz interface is shielded. The 13.56 Mhz interface is generally the only one with personal data.


This is primarily a wholesale site for the trade and so we don't maintain a "shopping cart" .....however if you want some sleeves please read the following. We prefer PayPal but if you wish to use a credit card then please call during our business hours which are stated below. Preferably if you wish to purchase these with a credit card it would be helpful if you first contact us by email with your shipping details then we will phone you for your credit card info. or you can simply phone us, either way. See the payment section below for more details.

Your price is 8 smart card sleeves and 2 passport sleeves for ONLY $19.99 BONUS = 2 free wallet sized card magnifiers are also included.

***Need more for family and gifts for friends? You can buy 20 smart card sleeves and 6 passport sleeves and 6 wallet sized magnifiers for just 45.00


Canadians must add applicable tax

The convenient thin wallet sized card magnifiers we are including as a bonus are very hard to find in any retail location including dollar stores. They are ideal for reading labels in small print while shopping or hard to read menus in restaurants. You will be glad to have these as many unscrupulous product manufacturers these days are purposely obscuring or minimizing the printing on their products so that even those with good eyesight can't read it. A nice bonus gift from us.



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SECURITY GUARANTEE: We do not store or save, in any way a customers credit card number. To further reassure you please note that we supply various government, police departments and crime prevention organizations with these products.

Product Made in USA and Canada

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